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Benoquin is a brand name under which Monobenzone cream is a de-pigmenting medication that works by eliminating melanin from the skin cell. Monobenzone topical is used to permanently lighten the skin color around the areas of vitiligo which helps the skin appearance to become normal.

The cream is used for this skin disease which is said to the progressive destruction of the skin- pigmentation that is increasing of melanocytes resulting in areas. The causes can be poorly understood environmental areas or factors which interact with your gene. Even though this skin condition is not contagious it cannot be differentiate from vitiligo in some individuals who are exposed to certain phenol or chemical.

Monobenzone also called Benzloxyl and monobenzyl or even Hydroquinone it is an organic chemical in the phenol family with chemical equation. The chemical formula is shown as C6H5CH2OC6H4OH. This drug cream is soluble in alcohol, benzene and diethyl ether insoluble in water.

Dosage of Benoquin Cream

  • The medication is applied 2 to 3 times on the effect of the skin or as directed by the doctor.
  • While dosing avoid putting in eyes or inside your nose or mouth. In case you apply on this areas wash off with water
  • Also it is advisable to avoid going more in the sunlight, tanning booths and sunlamps.
  • Always use sunscreen SPF 15 or greater as suitable, also wear a protective clothing to cover your other body part areas.
  • The real time benefits of this drug may at least take 4 months  before it’s full benefits may take place
  • The medication can be used regularly to get the best results for your skin color type

Side Effects of Benoquin Cream

You should immediately stop using monobenzone and take expert’s advice in case of serious matters. Below are the side effects mentioned.

  • Severe skin irritation
  • Intense itching
  • Severe burning
  • Redness or swelling of treated skin

Less serious side effects may include:

  • Dryness or flaking of treated skin
  • Mild skin irritation

Precautions taken before the use Benoquin Cream

  • Before using Benoquin Cream  tell the doctor or the pharmacist in case if you are allergic to any medication
  • This product may contain inactive ingredients which can cause allergic reactions or other problems
  • Tell your pharmacist about your health and if you are on medications, treatments or any other therapy
  • You also have to disclose about any skin problems that you are going through or evening if you are pregnant that report immediately to prevent side effects
  • Till date it is not known whether the drug passes into the breast milk or gives interactions. You need to consult the doctor.

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